Waking Cup Coffee: Rich, Addictive Gourmet Coffee from Thailand

Are you a coffee lover and frequent flyer? Do you tire of the never-ending quest for that perfect cup of coffee? Enter Waking Cup – a different kind of coffee brand. Their commitment to sourcing the best coffee beans from local farmers and roasting them to perfection sets them apart. This results in a unique coffee rich in flavour that’s sustainably grown.


waking cup coffee beans


But it’s not just the coffee that’s unique; Waking Cup prioritizes sustainability in its business practices. They work with local farmers in the Chiang Mai region to promote sustainable farming methods, ensuring everyone involved in the production process benefits. Their eco-friendly packaging materials also reflect their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

They tend to each coffee tree individually, ensuring the highest quality organic coffee. They grow under larger trees that provide a natural shade, creating a unique growing environment that contributes to the distinctive taste of their coffee blends.


waking cup espresso


Ordering from Waking Cup is easy and convenient. Online ordering and delivery services are available through Lazada, Shopee, and Facebook. Browse their selection of coffee and select your favourite.

Explore the unique flavours of Waking Cup’s sustainably produced coffee. Each sip will transport you to Thailand, where coffee is more than just a beverage – it’s a celebration and an adventure.


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