Chiang Mai Nightlife

In the picturesque hills of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a city that comes to life after dark. With its night markets, bars, and entertainment, it’s no wonder the city is a popular destination for nightlife enthusiasts. From the colourful and captivating Chiang Mai Cabaret Show to the quirky bars and clubs hidden in the city’s backstreets, there’s always something to do in Chiang Mai at night.


bar scene

Bar Scene

Chiang Mai’s bar scene is a diverse reflection of the city’s unique charm. One of the most popular bar areas is Nimman. It’s a trendy neighbourhood with many cafes, bars, and nightclubs. Head to Monkey Club for a sophisticated vibe and inventive cocktails. Or check out Warm Up Cafe for live music.

For a more laid-back experience, venture to the moat area of the Old City. Here, you’ll find an abundance of ganja dispensaries, cosy bars, and restaurants with plenty of live music. Chill out at The North Gate Jazz Co-Op, a venue with vintage decor and nightly performances.

In Chiang Mai, you’ll find unique drinks and cocktails made with ingredients like lemongrass and chilli peppers. For a refreshing sip, try the ‘cha manao‘, a sweet and tangy blend of tea and lime juice that’s a local favourite.

But what truly sets Chiang Mai’s bar scene apart is the speakeasies. These bars offer a one-of-a-kind experience and a glimpse into Chiang Mai’s secret nightlife. Visit the Hiding in the Light speakeasy for a memorable evening of creative cocktails and a mysterious ambience.



three kings museum

three kings museum

Art Scene

Chiang Mai’s art scene is an explosion of creativity that captures the hearts of its visitors. The city is teeming with galleries and museums that showcase the works of both local and international artists, each with its own style and flair. You can see an impressive collection of Lanna-style artefacts at the Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center. The Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum is another gem, featuring cutting-edge contemporary art from Thai and international artists. And let’s not forget the vibrant street art scene that adorns the walls of local buildings and temples.

Stroll through the Old City and nearby Wat Gate to discover the colourful murals of famous graffiti artists like Mue Bon. But what truly sets Chiang Mai apart is the thriving community of young artists who are reinventing traditional Thai art. Keep an eye out for their unique and boundary-pushing works in exhibitions and shows throughout the city.



music scene

Music Scene

Chiang Mai’s music scene will leave music lovers spoiled for choice. The city is home to a range of music festivals throughout the year that attract both local and international performers.

For example, the Chiang Mai Jazz Festival held annually features a diverse range of jazz artists, from established legends to up-and-coming talents. Alternatively, the Songkran Electronic Music Festival is held during the Thai New Year. It offers a dynamic atmosphere for electronic dance music enthusiasts.

Check out the city’s live music venues for an eclectic music experience. For example, Iron Fairies bar has nightly live music performances, from jazz and blues to rock and reggae. Meanwhile, the Chiang Mai Saloon has a Western-style bar atmosphere, featuring local artists and open mic nights.

Chiang Mai’s music scene has had a resurgence of traditional Thai music among young musicians. Witness this innovative take on traditional music at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center, where you can experience a theatrical and musical extravaganza that showcases the best of Thailand’s performing arts. Watch live performances of traditional Thai instruments, such as the xylophone and flute, and be mesmerised by the graceful traditional Thai dances.



Other Nightlife Options

Chiang Mai’s night scene is more than just bars, art, and music. For those seeking a more relaxed evening, the city is abundant with spas and massage parlours that offer luxurious experiences to help you unwind. Take the Oasis Spa, for instance, which provides outdoor treatments in a lush garden setting. Or take the Fah Lanna Spa, which infuses traditional Lanna culture into its therapies. And these are just a few examples of the top-rated spas Chiang Mai offers.

One of the must-see attractions in Chiang Mai’s night scene is the night markets, such as the Chang Puak Night Market or the Sunday Walking Street Market. From cafes to street food, the markets offer many culinary delights. For something more upscale, you can visit a restaurant in the market. Don’t miss the dishes these night markets are famous for, such as khao soi, a northern Thai curry noodle soup, or sai oua, a spicy pork sausage.

Chiang Mai also boasts a growing craft beer scene, with breweries such as Chiang Mai Craft and Funky Brew. Another trend to watch out for is the rise of rooftop bars and restaurants, such as the Myst Rooftop Bar. These are just a few of the unique features that make Chiang Mai’s night scene so special.




Chiang Mai’s nightlife beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s diverse entertainment. From the captivating Chiang Mai Cabaret Show to the night markets, there are options to suit every taste. Indulge in a night of live music or soak up the city’s creative energy at an art exhibition. Stroll through the illuminated streets and explore the city’s hidden alleys and charming corners.

For a unique and unexpected experience, head to the Tha Pae Gate area, where you’ll find a small alleyway with quirky bars and restaurants, each with its own eccentric vibe. Discover hidden gems, such as the eccentric ‘Drunk Yard’ bar, complete with a surreal carnival atmosphere. Or check out the cosy ‘Lost Hut’ pub, which offers an intimate ambience and an extensive selection of craft beers.

Whether you’re seeking a lively night out or a more laid-back evening, Chiang Mai’s nightlife scene is full of delights. The city’s lively atmosphere will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on you.


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