Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are pick-up and drop-off included in the tour price?
  • Absolutely! It’s all part of the experience.
  1. How much notice do I need to give to book a tour?
  • Give us a heads-up at least 24 hours before you’re ready to roll. We may not be able to accommodate tours booked on short notice.
  1. How do I book and pay for a tour?
  • Book online through our website or give us a call. Make payment to secure your spot.
  1. Can I request a less spicy meal as part of a full-day tour?
  • Sure thing! Just let us know your preference.
  1. Can I request less walking on my tour?
  • Absolutely. Just send us a note or request.
  1. What type of transport will I be picked up and dropped off in?
  • Our tours come with air-conditioned van transport (maximum 12 seats).
  1. Do I need to bring my passport?
  • Only on a tour to Chiang Rai.
  1. Do I need to bring cash on the tour?
  • No need, but there will be souvenirs available, so you may want to.
  1. Where should I wait on the day of my tour?
  • Just hang out in the lobby or the first floor of your hotel/hostel.
  1. What if I’ve booked a tour but don’t know where I’ll be staying yet?
  • Let us know as soon as you do by email, Facebook inbox, WhatsApp, or a call to our Thai or US number. Our staff speaks English.
  1. Can I still be picked up if I change hotels/hostels after booking a tour?
  • Of course! Just let us know right away by email, WhatsApp, or a call to our Thai or US number.
  1. Is my payment refundable?

  • Your payment secures your place on the tour. Payments are refundable only until 48 hours before your tour starts. Check our Terms and Conditions for more.
  1. Which days are the busiest?
  • Fridays and Saturdays.
  1. Will I receive confirmation of my payment?
  • Once your payment has been processed, we’ll send you a confirmation email.
  1. Do I get a discount as a return customer?
  • You sure do! Return customers get 10% off. You’ll receive your coupon code after placing an order.
  1. Why book with
  • We’ve got insider connections to get you amazing deals. Plus, our friendly, casual, and professional approach make tour-booking a breeze.


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