Old City: The Heart of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Old City is a captivating blend of tradition, culture, and adventure. Its historic area is a popular place for travellers from around the world. The moat and city walls that surround Old City are remnants of its ancient past as a fortified city. Take a stroll along the moat to get a glimpse of the culture of Chiang Mai, with ancient temples, street markets, and food stalls lining the perimeter.


old city map


The moat was built during the 1300s to protect Old City from invading forces. It still stands today as a symbol of the city’s resilience. Visitors can imagine the battles that took place along its walls while taking in its impressive size. The Old City is also home to street markets and shops that sell local handicrafts, street food, traditional paper lanterns, hand-woven textiles, and intricate silverwork.



tha phae gate


Explore Chiang Mai Old City

The Old City is home to many traditional Buddhist temples, where you can meditate and connect with local spirituality. These temples provide insight into the cultural and religious traditions of Chiang Mai. Art lovers can explore the galleries and studios in the Old City. Local artists and artisans showcase their works, including the paintings of highly talented artists. Their artwork is available for purchase at Walking Street on Saturday and Sunday nights, Night Bazaar, and other locations.


three kings museum


The Old City has a ‘Monk Chat’ program, where you can have a conversation with a Buddhist monk and learn about their way of life. This special experience provides a glimpse into the daily routine of a monk, their beliefs, and practices.

The Old City is also a great place to explore by bike. Renting a bike allows you to navigate the narrow streets and alleyways and take in the city’s ancient charm. The city is also surrounded by lush greenery, and a bike ride outside the city walls provides a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and countryside.


Chiang Mai Old City is a fascinating area that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and adventure. Its narrow streets, ancient temples, street markets, and food stalls make this area the major tourist hub of northern Thailand.


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