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Group Tours in Chiang Mai: Northern Thailand Adventure Travel

Picture this: Bangkok fades away in the rearview as you embark on a journey to the mystical city of Chiang Mai. Dubbed the ‘Rose of the North’, this ancient city is a world of beauty and ancient culture just waiting to be explored.

Our tours will take you on an adventure through the customs and traditions of the Lanna Kingdom, captivating you with the charm and hospitality of the locals. But the real magic begins when you experience our elephant tours. You’ll witness the gentle giants in their natural environment where they roam freely. Learn about the significance of these magnificent creatures. Watch their graceful movements and forge a deep connection with nature and humanity.

For foodies, our hands-on cooking classes are essential. Using fresh ingredients and guidance from chefs, you’ll learn the secrets of authentic Thai cuisine. From spicy curries to sweet desserts, every dish is mouth-watering.

But if adventure is what you crave, join us on our Doi Inthanon tours and trekking expeditions. You’ll explore picturesque forests, waterfalls, and mountainscapes as you meet friendly hill tribes and learn about their customs and traditions.

As the day comes to a close, don’t miss out on the Chiang Mai nightlife. From live music to street food, you’ll find an exciting experience around every corner.

Experience the beauty and culture of Chiang Mai with us and let the adventure begin!



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