1 Day Trekking Tour Package: Jungle Mountain Trek

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Welcome to our one-day Thai trekking tour through the mountains of Chiang Mai. Immerse yourself in the lush, tropical landscape, and discover the beauty of nature that flourishes here.

As you trek through the botanical trail with our expert guide, you’ll discover exotic plants and flowers unique to this tropical paradise. You’ll be surrounded by layers of foliage that are home to countless species of birds and butterflies. Admire the vivid colours of the orchids, the towering height of the teak trees, and the velvety texture of the moss-covered rocks.

As the trail winds deeper into the jungle, the views become even more breathtaking. You’ll feel the refreshing mist from the waterfall before you even see it. And once you arrive, you’ll be awed by its beauty. There, the cascade of water creates a soothing melody.

The trek itself is a physical challenge well worth the effort. The path becomes increasingly steep and rocky as you trek. But the sense of accomplishment and the stunning views at the end make it all worthwhile. You’ll cross streams, navigate narrow paths, and encounter wildlife along the way.

But the tour isn’t just about nature. You’ll also experience the culture of the region. Your guide will share traditions and customs, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the history and ancient culture of the area.

For anyone who loves experiencing nature to the fullest, this trekking tour is the adventure of a lifetime. Come with us and get ready to explore the stunning landscapes of Thailand.


1,800 Baht/person

1 Day Trekking

Meeting & Pick-up

We pick up all travellers that stay around Old Town Chiang Mai free of charge. But extra cost applies if you are outside the pick-up area.

Pick up between 8–8:45 am


Wildlife watching, hiking/bush walking, outdoor adventure!


8:00–8:45 am …… Pick-up
9:00–12:00 pm…… Start trekking uphill on the nature trail, visit a waterfall and Karen hill tribe village
12:00–13:00 pm…… Take a lunch break
13:00–16:30 pm…… More trekking, and trekking back downhill
16:30–17:30 pm…… Drive back to the hotel and drop-off

  • Remember Depending on weather, we might switch activities in order to have more fun in this trekking journey


What makes this activity unique?

Interact with hill tribes, hike through lush national parks, and explore a unique kind of adventure. This trekking experience will open your eyes to the beauty and serenity of nature, offering a magnificent view of the hazy hills and surrounding rice fields, along with the charming lifestyle and culture of the local tribes.

What’s included

Pick-up and drop-off, lunch, and fees and taxes

The English-speaking guide is licensed and certified

Who is this activity best for?

Couples, big groups, small groups, friends, seniors, and families

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