Stores in Thailand: Common Convenience and Department Stores

Convenience Stores

When exploring Thailand, convenience stores are a great place to stop for a quick bite or to pick up some essentials. The most popular convenience store chains in Thailand are 7-Eleven, Lotus, Mini Big C, and Family Mart. These stores can be found on almost every street corner and are a lifesaver for tourists.

7 eleven

7-Eleven is the largest convenience store chain in Thailand and is known for its 24-hour service. They offer a wide range of products, from snacks and drinks to fresh fruits and vegetables. If you need to satisfy your cravings, 7-Eleven is the place to go.



Lotus is one of the largest department store chains in Thailand and also has a convenience store section. You can find everything you need for a quick snack, refreshing drink, or essential item.


mini big c


Mini Big C is another popular convenience store chain. They have a diverse range of products, from food and drinks to toiletries and electronics. If you’re looking for something specific, you’ll likely find it at Mini Big C.


Convenience stores in Thailand are a great resource for those looking for quick and easy access to essential items. With a wide range of products and ready-to-eat meals, these stores are convenient and affordable.



Department Stores

For a shopping experience that offers a wide range of products, head to one of Thailand’s major department stores. While most tourists do not need to visit this kind of store, department stores are important for those who are spending an extended time in Thailand.


Go Wholesale


Go Wholesale is the newest supermarket in town and also the largest. Its attractive Target-inspired logo, along with some of the best bargains available, made it a popular destination for shoppers as soon as it opened its doors.

Makro is a wholesale retailer that boasts a vast selection of foods and other products. To save money, shop around for the best prices between this store and Go Wholesale.

Lotus is another major destination for shoppers in Thailand. This department store has everything from trendy clothing and stylish home decor to the latest electronics and gadgets. You can sample delicious local dishes at the popular food court, which is always packed.


big c


For a shopping experience reminiscent of Target in the States, head to Big C. This popular department store offers stylish clothing and homeware options, as well as electronics and household essentials. Take the long escalator ramps up to the second floor, where you’ll find the main shopping area.


Below many of these department stores, you’ll find a mini-mall with plenty of dining options, including KFC, Dairy Queen, and Pizza Company. You can hop on the free shuttle bus service from certain hotels to Makro for a convenient shopping experience.


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