Malls in Chiang Mai: Go Shopping in a Foreign Land

Chiang Mai is a popular destination for those looking for a unique shopping experience, but mostly for the night markets. However, the city also boasts a variety of modern malls. These malls can be a comforting respite from the heat and humidity outside.



  1. CentralPlaza Airport

One mall worth checking out is CentralPlaza Airport. This mall is conveniently within walking distance of CNX airport, making it a great place to kill time while waiting for your flight. It has stores and stalls that sell souvenirs, clothing, and accessories. One highlight is the top-floor food court, which offers a variety of local cuisines. And the other food court on the ground floor serves local ‘fast food’. Essentially, that means street food that’s served at the mall. In the back of the mall, step outside to find a small marketplace assembled at certain times. Beyond that is an expo centre where different things are showcased. Also, watch for special events on the ground floor of the mall.




  1. CentralFestival

CentralFestival is another popular shopping destination in Chiang Mai. This multi-level mall is famous for its modern design. It has high-end shops, international fashion brands, and local boutiques. The mall’s central atrium hosts live music performances, art exhibitions, cultural events, and special sales. Those looking for an upscale shopping experience will enjoy the sleek design and spacious layout, as well as its cinema complex and food court.



the mall@nimman

  1. The Mall@Nimman

This modern mall in the trendy neighbourhood of Nimman is known for its high-end fashion and lifestyle brands. With its contemporary design and trendiness, this outdoor mall is popular among younger and more fashion-conscious shoppers. Along with shopping, it also offers dining from street food stalls to upscale restaurants and a cinema complex.




  1. Rimping

For Western food and imports, people go to Rimping. This smaller shopping centre is primarily a supermarket. But it also has boutiques, speciality shops, and restaurants. The central courtyard regularly features street performers, artisans, and food vendors, adding to the character of the marketplace. Tourists may not have much need for Rimping, but the expat community certainly loves it.




  1. Maya

Maya is another high-end mall in Chiang Mai, known for its fashion and lifestyle brands. The mall’s sleek design and range of international and local shops make it a popular choice for upscale shopping. Maya also features a cinema complex, a large fitness centre, and a variety of dining options.



In Chiang Mai, you can find handicrafts and souvenirs that can be difficult to find in other parts of Thailand. Keep an eye out for stalls selling handmade clothing, jewellery, and other crafts. Also, many of the malls offer workshops and classes on traditional Thai arts and crafts.

Ultimately, other than malls in Bangkok, malls in Thailand are not significantly different from those in the West. They provide a similar modern shopping experience with different chains. But each has unique features and attractions that make them worth checking out.


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