Bangkok Oddities: ‘Different’ Places to Visit

Are you ready to explore the bizarre side of Bangkok? Let’s look at some of the city’s most peculiar attractions. First up is the Siriraj Medical Museum, also known as the Museum of Death. Here, visitors can see preserved body parts and archaic medical tools up close and even witness the ‘Baby Michael’ exhibit – a preserved foetus with a severe birth defect. It’s an unforgettable, if unsettling, experience.

Next, we’ll visit the Erawan Museum, home to an imposing three-headed elephant statue that looms over the museum. Inside, you can marvel at a giant crystal ball and a room filled with glistening golden Buddha statues. The museum’s intricate architecture is breathtaking.

For cat lovers, the Caturday Cat Cafe is a delightful spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while cuddling with friendly felines. You can even participate in cat yoga and film nights.

The Corrections Museum is a former prison transformed into a museum. You can explore the eerie cells where the city’s most notorious criminals once lived, and learn about the inhumane punishments used in the correctional system. The museum has torture devices and gruesome exhibits that will make your hair stand on end. The maximum-security cell is particularly chilling, with its ominous bars and cramped space. It provides a look at what it feels like to be in solitary confinement.

Lastly, Ancient Siam Park is a journey through time. You’ll find giant statues of mythological creatures and historical figures scattered throughout the park, including a majestic Buddha head and a massive demon guarding the entrance. The craftsmanship of these sculptures is amazing.


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